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Living the dream?

You work hard for to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle – a quirky one, living on a houseboat, but a comfortable lifestyle centred on fun nonetheless. Then the biological clock kicks in: will there be children?

This is the central dilemma in the new film Anchor and Hope, coming to a cinema near you from 20th July. The dilemma is played out in against a backdrop of lives lived on the basis of strong decisions to opt for slightly unconventional choices.

Same sex relationships are still a minority choice – and how to live in them is less mapped out than in the traditional heterosexual partnership. Investing in a home is common – but few couples choose a houseboat. And “he’s from Barcelona” used to mean “mind the dodgy waiter”.

That central dilemma, though, is universal. Almost every adult is, at some point in their lives, faced with the choice – or the lack of choice – of whether to have children. It may be a choice to gestate and delivery your own; to adopt; to blend your family – but most of us have to take this key decision at least once in our lives and live with the consequences.

 Anchor and Hope promises to explore all these themes from a canal which reminds us that this human-made pathway is never a static home but also a passageway from one chapter of our lives to another.

The film stars Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones), Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter) and David Verdaguer (10,000 km) and has already wowed audiences at film festivals across Europe. It is distributed by Network Releasing.

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