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Urgent: can we find this man?

The above photograph shows the man who is alleged to have been verbally abusive towards women who were canvassing in the Chrisp Street area on 18th May.  The man was canvassing for support for the Labour Party’s John Biggs; the women were canvassing for support for Lutfur Rahman.  The women were in a mixed group, some covered and some not.  The women allege that the man swore at them and in particular used the misogynist “c-word”, calling them “disgusting c***s”.  They allege that he then went on to use islamophobic terms of abuse in addition to further misogynist abuse.

The women raising the allegations say that it would be extremely helpful to be able to identify the man who abused the canvassers, ringed in red in the photo. While they have made contact with the police about the alleged abuse, it is more difficult for the police to investigate if they do not have the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

The man is seen speaking to Cllr Shiria Khatun (on the left of the photo).  Cllr Khatun was asked to help identify the man but has declined to do so.  John Biggs and other key figures in the Labour Party were also asked to assist.  ELN understands that they initially refused to do so, but after coming under criticism on twitter John Biggs relented and agreed to discuss the allegations with his team.

ELN has asked John Biggs and the Labour Party for their comments on the allegation and whether they will assist the women making the allegations by identifying the alleged perpetrator.

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