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Britain First launch token mini-invasion of East London Mosque

The East London Mosque has announced that Britain First made an attempt to “invade” the mosque on Monday, 19th May.

The mosque’s security cameras picked up four members of the Group parking up outside the mosque and entering the building. Of course, the area outside the mosque is a busy highway on which parking is not allowed, and in true British fashion a Community Support Officer turned up and spotted the invaders’ car on the chevrons around the pedestrian crossing outside the mosque.

The invaders might have wondered if their invasion would lead to a confrontation with mosque security, but nothing strikes fear in the heart of a traditional Brit than the thought of a traffic misdemeanour – and the four invaders deserted the mosque in a rush to move their car. So fast did they move it, in fact, that they appear to have run a red light in their haste to get away.

The last time Britain First invaded the mosque, when they were operating as the “Christian Patrol”, the invaders stood in formation outside the mosque, swigging a lager and unfurling a banner.

Despite the ludicrous stunts staged by this bumbling fools, the far right still represent a danger to Muslim buildings and people in his borough and beyond. We must remain vigilant, especially in this politically critical week.

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