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Thought for today 06.01.20

Here’s some straight talking from a Labour woman MP. “The Prime Minister [Boris Johnson] says nobody in his government wants to reduce rights or standards in this country. Well, this is a remarkable statement, especially when you look at their ...

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Thought for today 05.01.20

Which of the new Labour Leader contenders will repeat this simple Labour value? “The Labour Party will always put people first. Whether that’s building homes, investing to upgrade our economy or championing our public services. These policies represent the Labour ...

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Thought for today 04.01.20

DONALD TRUMP is not the first senior politician to rush to condemn other regimes. Blair lived to regret his rash words and actions. As did the hundreds of thousands who died in the aftermath. “For the moment, let me say ...

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Thought for today 02.01.20

If Jeremy Cobyn wins the Labour Leadership, he will come under attack from the media establishment, the Tories and much of his own party. That’s because he presents a dangerous threat to the post-Thatcher political consensus. Owen Jones, The New ...

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Return of Premier edges closer

THE CLUBS in the English Premier Football League have voted unanimously to take another step forward in their plan to resume professional matches at the top level. The decision was taken after consultation with clubs, players, the Professional Football Association, ...

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