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Councillor has football injury repaired

Muhi Mikdad

A TOWER HAMLETS Councillor hopes that a recent operation on an injured leg will see him return to being fully match fit.

Cllr Ameen – pre-injury

Councillor Shah Shuhel Ameen represents Whitechapel ward in Tower Hamlets. He took part in an exhibition football match on 11th October last year, which had been organised by the Speaker of Tower Hamlets Council, Cllr Ahbab Hossain. The match saw the Speaker’s XI take on the 50 Active Club.

Sadly, Cllr Ameen sustained a serious injury during the match.  On 19th January he had an operation at the London Independent Hospital in Stepney Green to repair two ligaments in his right leg.

I visited Cllr Ameen as he recovered from the operation. He thanked everyone who has sent him good wishes, has prayed for him and visited him. He asked everyone to continue to pray for his recovery.

As well as being a councillor, Cllr Ameen is a practising poet: an activity which has not yet led to any injury. Perhaps he will stick to his writing until he is fully match fit again!

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