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Illegal ravers in Tower Hamlets face fines of £800 each

WOULD YOU pay £800 to go to a party?  Maybe if it was a very special party you might consider it. But if it was a makeshift rave in a derelict railway arch in Tidworth Road, Bow, E3, would you stump up the spondoolies?

No, we thought not – but that’s what’s facing 20 people who went to just such a party which began at around 1.30am on 27th February – clearly, in direct contravention of current anti-Covid lockdown laws.

Police received a large number of phone calls that night/morning from nearby residents who were concerned at the noise. Officers attended and found that around ten people had broken into the railway arch and had built a bar out of wooden crates. They had then been joined by around 100 other would–be revellers.

When the police arrived at the scene, a number of party-goers managed to get away – some by executing quite dangerous manoeuvres over high walls.  Officers were able to detain 20 revellers, and they were all reported and face being fined £800 each.

Chief Inspector Pete Shaw from the local policing command said, “It is mad that people are still prepared to break the rules, despite the extreme loss of a life as a result of this virus. It is shameful some people are selfishly putting others at risk. With the roadmap announcement  […], we are all very excited at the prospect of returning to normal in June. However, events such as this risk undermining that roadmap and could cause further delays by creating a breeding ground for the virus. We will continue to do our part in shutting them down and taking action by issuing fines.”

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