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Dr Kali Pradip Chaudhuri meets community activists

Emdad Rahman

Dr Kali Pradip Chaudhuri, the Chair and founder of the KPC Group of companies, met a small group of community figures to discuss community development and progress during a short stop-over in the UK. The KPC Group is a global conglomerate with extensive and diverse business interests in India and the USA.

In 2016 Dr Chaudhuri’s KPC Group was unveiled as the main team sponsor of Irish cricket for three years – as well as the headline sponsor for the home series against Sri Lanka and Pakistan, aswell as the prestigious Cricket Ireland Awards.

At the time Dr Chaudhuri said of the three-year sponsorship agreement: “The KPC Group are delighted to announce our eminent partnership with Cricket Ireland for the next three years. Cricket Ireland’s growing global status and vision is very impressive and we look forward to working with them on their journey to Test cricket. The KPC Group have followed Ireland’s progress over the last number of years and we’re looking forward to partnering with the organisation and becoming part of this great success story.

Dr Kali with Maruf Ahmed

“As a world leader in the medical and other sectors, and as the KPC brand continues to grow globally, we believe there is an opportunity to work with Cricket Ireland for the benefit of both organisations on a number of initiatives. One of these initiatives is the opportunity to engage our Irish American audience and the Irish American Business Community in the USA through the Irish cricket team.

“As part of our agreement we are also eagerly anticipating the visits to Ireland by both Sri Lanka in June and Pakistan in August to play in The KPC Group ODI series and to The KPC Group Cricket Ireland Awards which will take place at the end of the season.”

Journalist and community activist Maruf Ahmed, who met Dr Chaudhuri at the Hotel Hoo Golf & Spa, said, “Dr Kali is a huge and charismatic personality who is known throughout the world. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to have been able to share some time with Dr Chaudhuri. He is an international figure who continues to inspire every day and we wish him further prosperity in everything he does.”

Dr Kali Pradip Chaudhuri and the KPC Group are engaged in numerous businesses around the world, working in diverse industries such as healthcare services and facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, education, real estate, infrastructure development, agriculture, architecture and engineering, alternative energy, waste management, travel services and information technology.

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