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Soila gear up for the Chhatak Union Cup

Emdad Rahman

UK members of the the Union of Soila have completed final preparations by playing Dular Bazaar in preparation for the Chhatak Union Cup on Sunday.

The Union in Chhatak from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh has diaspora all over the UK and the team management organised a training session to bring those originating from the area together before the main event.

Soila (Saila) is an historical and ancient location and means “meeting point.” The area served as a meeting point for six Thalukdars and earned the name as a result.

Team manager and Chattak legend Shiraz Miah was co manager with Goyas Miah as the veterans team lifted their first ever Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup in London in 2017.

He said, “Apart from a great day of football this tournament will go a long way to bringing people together and will be a huge contributor towards preserving our heritage.

“Many young people will educate themselves on their history as a result of playing football. They will recognise and make friends with people they share a history with. Football will rekindle a love for their heritage and this is a great thing.

“The football will be good quality and this tournament will enable the Chattak team management to talent spot for the upcoming Upazila Cup in August too.”

Miah reserved special thanks for Pandora restaurant for sponsoring the team.

The Chhatak Union Cup with eight teams takes place at the Robert Clack Centre, Dagenham this weekend.

Soila management team: Shiraz Miah, Salik Hussain, Shishu Miah, Jilu Miah.

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