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Homeless London is still alive and kicking

Emdad Rahman We focus so much on the “homeless” part we forget the “people” bit… # TheWanderingLondoner TONIGHT AT THE soup kitchen we had a mixture of the kids and new volunteers stepping in, including Dr Mohammad Hassan from Queens Hospital, Romford, who ...

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Peabody: a lost opportunity

Peabody Housing Association was established in 1862 by the US banker and philanthropist, George Peabody. Nowadays their mission is “to ensure that as many people as possible have a good home”. Really? In Tower Hamlets, Peabody has been known as ...

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Last orders for rugby breakfast at East Village

Lucky souls attending the Bronze Final of the Rugby World Cup on 30th October will be to sample a “breakfast of champions” at Signorelli’s in East Village. The artisan bakery/coffee shop has teamed up with elite rugby nutritionist Matt Lovell ...

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