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Thought for today 12.05.20

WHAT WILL our “new normal” look like? To inform our debate, our “thoughts” this month will feature quotes from iconoclasts who want to see freedom, equality and justice for the many. One home grown iconoclast spent ten years in the House of Commons, always speaking the truth about real lives in Tower Hamlets that were seldom, if ever, acknowledged in Parliament. Here is just one example of our MP being very clear which side she was on – a quality we very much need as we build a new normal.

“The opposition to the Bill in Parliament is a pale reflection of the movement of women, men and children outside Parliament against the Government’s child support policy. Hon. Members ignore that movement at the risk of bringing Parliament into further disrepute. People expect to see their deepest feelings and experiences reflected in decisions made in the House. The Bill ignores them and I shall therefore vote against it.”
Mildred Gordon, MP for Bow & Poplar, House of Commons, 22nd May 1995, in a debate on a clause on “Child Maintenance Disregard” in the Child Support Bill

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