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3-2-1 Manorfield returns with chocoholics’ dream raffle

EASTER IS BUT a distant memory – so now we have to find other reasons to indulge in a chocolate treat. Fear not: now you can indulge with a clear conscience in a win-win offer from Manorfield School.

Paul Jackson, headteacher at Manorfield Primary School in Poplar, has launched the school’s Late Easter 3-2-1 raffle to raise funds to buy food for local families in need. The school is regularly distributing some 450 food parcels a week. Yesterday – Friday, 15th May – the school gave out 900 food parcels to families of its own pupils and to families of pupils in 26 other local schools.  Manorfield has also been providing 85 meals a day, Monday to Friday.

The school has been able to distribute food on this scale because generous donors have come together and given food or money to the school’s charitable foundation. To continue meeting local need, the school is now asking for more donations – which is where the chocolate comes in.

The school has 321 chocolate prizes to give away in its Late Easter raffle. Tickets are just £1 each and, of course, the odds that ticket buyers will win a prize are very generous. If you are not lucky enough to win a prize, donating to this good cause should leave you with a warm glow – enough to go out and reward yourself to some chocolate from the shops. Either way, there’s a treat in store.

The raffle closes on Sunday, 24th May at 9pm, with the prize winners being drawn immediately afterwards. That Sunday is likely to be Eid – so the chocolate prizes should be given out at the end of celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan fasting. What better way to celebrate could there be?

To buy a raffle ticket, go to:
Raffle Tickets
To make a donation, go to:

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