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Support the NHS with Tower Hamlets campaigners

THERE’S MASSIVE public support for NHS workers at the moment. We see it every week, when the public clap from the doorsteps at 8pm on a Thursday to show our appreciation for healthworkers – and it comes up in virtually every conversation about Coronavirus.

But is the NHS itself safe in the Government’s hands? We all know the anxiety felt by many NHS professionals about the supply of protective clothing – and many people feel the Government is being complacent about the situation. The NHS has never made it clearer how valuable a universal public service can be: but is the Government still trying to sell off parts of its services to fund private profits, or trying to restrict access?

These sorts of questions are usually on the agenda at meetings of the Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) campaign – meetings which have been on hold during the lockdown. As the pandemic took hold, the group had been planning to hold an AGM – but events took over.

Now the group has found time to organise a Zoom meeting, where supporters of the NHS can share their experiences of fighting the Coronavirus in the NHS and in the community. There will also be time to discuss the ongoing campaign to ensure that migrants have proper access to NHS services – and an update on other campaigns across East London.

Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public (KONP)
Zoom Meeting
Wednesday, 29th April
To obtain the meeting ID and password, email:

If you are a seasoned supporter of the NHS, you will be wanting to join in. If you are a new convert who has recently begun to look for what you can do to support our health service, why not make this your first step?

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