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Sonali Othith announce summer football programme

Emdad Rahman

Sonali Othith UK have confirmed the dates of their showpiece tournaments for 2019.

The Masters Tournament will take place Sunday 16th June at Mabley green.

Following this the Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup
is to take place Sunday 21st of July at the same venue.

In addition to these two tournaments Sonali Othith UK Will also be also hosting a new Five Nations tournament with the following participants:


The end of the season will see Sylhet defend the District Cup and Stepney FC senior side Bancroft FC looking to retain the Community cup.

Sonali Othith chair Jamal Uddin commented, “This is going to be a hugely entertaining summer for veterans football. Its great that our players and teams still retain such a keen interest in the game. We look forward to the support of the community.”

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