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Rekindling happy thoughts with Lily Tsoni

Emdad Rahman interviews the author of Josephine, the black, the white

“When mother was a little child, she’d need two or three French grammar books which couldn’t be easily found and cost a lot of money. ‘You will need this in two years time from now, in high school,’ grandma had said. ‘In two years time? From now for the year after next?’ These, she had told, were far more useful and essential than a doll whose her head, arms and legs would eventually fall all! I, of course, insisted that nothing would fall off!” – Lily Tsoni

Greek writer Lily Tsoni is the writer of Josephine, the black, the white. It is a vivid recollection of the author’s childhood memories.  Lily says that her chronicle is a “book for all, teens, tweens, young adults, their parents and grandparents. I hope it will ignite happy memories within all my readers. It is a happy box of childhood innocence and blissful thoughts.”

As a young girl Lily recorded vivid and cherished details of her childhood. “I stored them in my heart,” she said. “In later years I decided to open my heart and share its contents and so have written this memoir.”

The book has been described as a charming, cute and evocative memoir by Richard Hunter, Professor of Classics at Cambridge University. Lily runs her own publishing house and is a permanent member of the Greek Literary Union. She is also a TV and radio journalist and presents shows about culture, the arts, ecology, children’s issues, health and her travel experiences throughout Europe.

Lily is passionate about a wide range of community issues: “I support equality, human rights, education, the environment, animals and criminal justice. These matters have always shaped my thoughts and expanded my thinking.”

Lily is a volunteer for the Arts & Civilization of the Municipal Art Gallery in Lamia, Greece and also attends Classics at Cambridge. Writing, though, is her favourite pastime: “I have been writing for years. There are many things in my drawers waiting to be put on paper. I have a second book planned too and will continue to publish my writings.

“My intention is to complete a further two books by Christmas. One of a child’s experiences at Christmas – but when I say child I also refer to those adults who still shelter a child inside of themselves. It’s a glittering celebration of a special time of the year.”  Lily has lived in London and has been visiting annually one month at a time for the last seven years: “I visit my son in London – I think it is the most colourful and promising capital in Europe. But sometimes you have to ‘mind the gap’. I have also made many good friendships here over the years.”

Josephine the black, the white was published in December 2013 and in the UK in March 2014 by Perfect Publishers. It is a pleasant read that can be enjoyed if you are reading alone, on the go, sitting shaded under a tree, on a dull and dark rainy day, with children, friends and loved ones. Lily’s crafted narratives will evoke happy memories of childhood upon those who pick up the book. I very much look forward to her future books.

“Whenever I am in Lyons, I always dash to the second floor of Musée des Beaux-Arts to stand in front of Gericault Mad Woman’s portrait. Last time, the guard of the museum looked at me strangely when he heard me calling her… Maria! Am I to blame that she is identical to poor Maria, Aristides’ sister, of my childhood years?” – Lily Tsoni

Josephine, the black, the white, by Lily Tsoni, published by Cambridge Pen, in English, 216 pages (paperback).
ISBN-10: 6188104823
ISBN-13: 978-6188104822

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