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New Trustees for Hedgecock Centre

Emdad Rahman

The Hedgecock Community Centre (HCC) held its second AGM and four new Trustees have been appointed to the executive board.

The AGM was attended by 20 HCC members and local ward Councillors. The HCC Chair, Secretary and Treasurer provided members with the centres progress and aspirations. The AGM was followed by an election for four new Trustees.

The evening ended with networking over dinner.

Yousuf Khan, Chair of HCC formally welcomed the four newly elected trustees on board and said, “We are looking forward to working with everyone to setup more services for the community.”

Labour Councillor and Barrister Nazir Ahmed and Councillor Cameroon Geddes conducted the election as independent commissioners and after a swift election process announced the results.

Councillor Ahmed congratulated the new Trustees. He said, “HCC has been playing a vital role in community development and I believe the new executive committee will continue to work hard for the betterment and wellbeing of the neighbourhood.”

Councillor Cameroon Geddes commended the HCC management for it’s progressive and outstanding work and commented, “HCC is a beacon and an example of how community centres should operate.”

To find out more about activities and events held at the Hedgecock Community Centre and how you can get more involved please visit the centres webpage and social media.

Web: www.hedgecockcentre.org.uk
Email: Info@hedgecockcentre.org.uk
Twitter: @hedgecockCommunityCentre
Instagram: hedgecock_centre
Facebook: Hedgecock Community centre
YouTube: Hedgecock Centre

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