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MPF calls on Muslim community to back #VaccinesForAll

THE Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) has signed up to support the #VaccinesForAll campaign – and called on all other Muslim organisations to do so too. 

Current government policy is that:
access to Coronavirus testing and treatment is free for everyone, regardless of immigration status, and
GP services remain available to everyone, regardless of their background.
However, many healthcare workers became concerned that many people would still fall through the net.  Organisations within the Patients Not Passports campaign are therefore calling for additional measures to be taken so that #VaccinesForAll becomes a reality.

MPF Chair Cllr Khaled Noor

MPF Chair, Cllr Khaled Noor, said: “The virus can affect anyone – regardless of their immigration status or whether they have a home.  It is important that everyone can access the vaccine, to protect the whole community.  More than that, however, it should be a basic human right to access healthcare – and we welcome and support this campaign which seeks to make the paper policy a reality.

“It is important that Muslim organisations swing behind this campaign to send out the signal that it is a call from all communities in the UK.  We urge Muslim professionals to sign up their Mosques, community organisations and their professional organisations.

“The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us ‘Allah is kind, and He loves kindness in all matters.’  It is up to the Muslim community to show kindness in action at this difficult time and ensure that #VaccinesForAll swiftly becomes a reality – in the UK and across the world.  Please sign up to show your support.”

The campaign is easy to join and takes around one minute.  The campaign aims, a list of current supporters, and a very simple sign-up box can be found on:

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