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Meeting the workers

Sarajevo blog: Day 2
Emdad Rahman

AN EARLY START to a productive day began with Fajr prayers at Ferhadija Masjid.

With a strong and steaming hot Bosanska Kafa we were set for the day ahead, which involved meetings with various community leaders. They talked us through the minute details of the welfare system and how resources are allocated towards tackling poverty and assisting those in need.

We met Ibrahim Malanovic, Director of Social Care, who painstakingly talked us through the process involved in providing support to individuals and families. This begins with a formal referral which is verified by the local Mufti, which is followed by medical and social assessments.

If the criteria are met after rigorous checks are completed, an individual or family receive appropriate support – and there is a follow up system designed to check that the process is not abused. This is all designed with the utmost regard for donors and their generosity.

We were honoured to be granted an audience with Hussein Smajic – the Deputy Grand Mufti of Bosnia, who spoke in the simplest terms about the need for people to think of themselves and one other, and how this could be a global movement for change in the fight against poverty.

During our meetings we were made aware of a family who have freshly submitted an application to receive a cow for income generation for day to day living needs, and we have agreed to fund the costs to support them. We are £1,000 short.

You can donate, to help us make up the shortfall, or to help other families, at:
This appeal is Zakat eligible.

Our presence has made the local front page news. Tomorrow we are off to Srebrenica.
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