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Team Bosnia touchdown

Sarajevo blog: Day 1
Emdad Rahman

WE ARE WITH the Bosnia Trust this weekend and will be spending the next few days delivering and surveying projects which we are supporting.

We have spent Thursday travelling to our destination after a half day at work. I took the train to work today and didn’t cycle or drive at all. It was strange being packed into the sardine tin riding the District Line to work, and I kept thinking of fellow commuters who do this day in and day out.

I met London Enterprise Academy Headteacher Ashid Ali, who very kindly supplied some goodies to distribute in Sarajevo during our travels.

After lunch the team made our way to the Queen’s terminal to board Austrian Airlines from London Heathrow to Vienna, from where we caught a connecting flight to Sarajevo. The journey was extremely smooth and passport control at the Medunarodmi Arrodrom Sarajevo was straightforward and welcoming. Upon arrival we were met by Samir and Jasmin, who drove us the short distance to our hostel.

Our strategy meeting, held over a tasty local dinner, has just concluded. We are all set for Friday, when we shall have a very long day in the field – meeting and greeting our hosts and befriending aid recipients.

We look forward to forging new relationships, meeting dignitaries, coaching, teaching and being inspired by the inhabitants of this beautiful country. It should be a very interesting day ahead.

The Bosnia Trust raises money in order to buy Bosnian families a cow, in order to empower them and assist them to get out of poverty and find prosperity. To donate, go to:
#supersarajevo #teambosnia #thewanderinglondoner

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