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Man falls on sword and survives

Many people thought it was unwise when Nigel Farage said he would resign as UKIP leader if he did not win the Westminster seat of Thanet South. He had been so clear about this promise that, when he did not win the seat, he had little choice but to carry through with his pledge. Indeed, he seemed very pleased to confirm his resignation, stating that he had “never felt happier” and that a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

However, news has come through that he has been rescued – by none other than his own party. UKIP has issued a statement indicating their firm belief that their membership wanted Mr Farage to continue as their Leader.

UKIP won 13% of the votes cast at the General Election (that’s just over one in eight votes cast), which puts them third behind the Tories and Labour – though they only won one parliamentary seat. The Party’s National Executive therefore regarded the campaign – and, by implication, Farage’s leadership of it – as a great success, and they wanted him to stay in post.

UKIP has confirmed that Mr Farage has agreed to stay in post. He has not yet stated what this has done to his level of unprecedented happiness or the state of his shoulders.


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