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London vaccines at record level – don’t be left out

IT’S THREE CHEERS for London’s NHS as it announces that a record number of anti-Covid vaccinations have been carried out in the last week. The service has delivered 650 booster/third dose vaccines in a week.

The number of booster/third doses was double the number delivered the previous week, as NHS staff, volunteers and others – such as leading football grounds, which have been turned into mass vaccination centres – have rallied round to speed up the process. It’s not just boosters: over 6,000 hesitant Londoners came forward to have their first vaccine.

However, there is still a long way to go to complete this vaccination wave, which is designed to stop the Omicron variant taking hold and taking over NHS Hospitals. Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director of London NHS, said, “”It is testament to the solidarity of Londoners that 15 million vaccines have now been given in the capital, and that we are seeing record breaking numbers getting their booster, in addition to the increasing numbers of people coming forward for their first or second dose.”

Over 400 of England’s 3,000 sites are in London. The target is to have sites operational for at least twelve hours a day, seven days a week.
There are still some uninformed and wimpy men around, telling everyone they meet that they are not yet convinced they need a vaccination because they go to the gym quite often so can probably fight off infection without needing a hospital. The danger is that these men could be incubators for the next Covid variant. Anyone who hasn’t had the full three doses yet should book up now – protecting themselves and other people.

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