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London Enterprise Academy students honour the martyrs

Muhi Mikdad

London Enterprise Academy celebrated International Mother Language Day on Monday, 21st February – for the seventh year running.

Year 7 pupils marked the day with a cooking class and making traditional Bangladeshi snacks.

They also had an art competition and created a mini flower wall, which they took to Altab Ali park.

Students gave speeches in their mother tongue. Languages heard included Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Somaliam. Everyone then joined in singing the National anthem of Bangladesh.

It was another good day at the London Enterprise Academy, keeping tradition alive and promoting this significant part of Bangladeshi culture to the new generation.

History of International Mother Language Day
International Mother Language Day falls on 21st February because, in 1952, four young students in Bangladesh were killed on that day, during a protest about a Bengali and Urdu language controversy.

After this unfortunate incident and many years of unrest, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) decided to make International Mother Language Day an annual event, celebrated around the world. On 17th November 1999, UNESCO proclaimed 21st February to be International Mother Language Day. It was first observed on 21st February 2000.

International Mother Language Day is observed every year on 21st February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world.

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