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Junkyard Golf: tickets on sale tonight!

Tonight’s the night for budding crazy golfers to get online and start booking up tickets for a night at the Junkyard Golf course in the Old Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane.

The attraction offers a full night out, with the Golf for entertainment and with street food to fuel your exertions and bars to relax in afterwards and find explanations for why things just didn’t go your way on that crucial hole…

The Junkyard’s only here till 7th August, and it can only take a fixed number of players at a time (so everyone can have a proper go at each hole). It’s the perfect venue for an office party, a hen night or a stag night, or any other occasion when you want a bit of fun. To avoid disappointment over your preferred date, tonight’s the night to get online and reserve your places.

For information and to book those tickets, go to:

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