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Jeremy Corbyn sends Ramadan message

JEREMY CORBYN has issued a message to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

Corbyn has a lifelong record of standing with and standing up for the ordinary people who are oppressed by the powerful – on grounds of race, religion or any other prejudice. He has also had a lifelong commitment to using peaceful means to resolve conflict and rejecting war and violence.

It’s no wonder that his election as Labour Leader was welcomed by thousands of Muslims across East London. His supporters will be hoping that Ramadan, coming so soon after the recent elections across our part of the capital, will be a good time to kick off a new spirit of humanity and peace across the area.

Jeremy Corbyn’s message
I wish all Muslim people across our country and the world Ramadan Mubarak.
Ramadan is a time for Muslims to renew their faith and strengthen their resolve to do better for themselves and their communities.
But it is also a time of reflection.
We reflect on the horror of rising Islamophobia and remember that are always stronger when we work together.
I know many mosques will again be opening their doors to look after homeless and hungry people, as they do every year. We all have something to learn from Ramadan.
I hope everyone will come together with members of the Muslim community at this special time, to join in the festivities.
Ramadan Mubarak, and peace be unto you all.
Jeremy Corbyn

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