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Humdum Foodbank Team goes digital

Muhammad Talha

HUMDUM UK – based in Barking & Dagenham – came about as a result of the passion of Nighat and Kishwar Bhola to serve those facing food poverty and hardship. 

Both mother and daughter became concerned by the large numbers of people who need support but are just too shy to ask for help due to embarrassment and the association with the stigma of begging.

The duo had humble beginnings, serving initial visitors from a car park and from the back of their cars. Their passion remained undiminished, and after years of hard graft Humdum has become a model community outreach programme. It is now the first digital foodbank in Barking & Dagenham, which will enable users to engage and order their necessities online.

Barking resident Emdad Rahman, a volunteer for Humdum and a Running Ambassador, spent an afternoon with the core team so that he could present the team of women with limited edition medals to celebrate their amazing achievements.

Emdad commented, “These are women from the community who have been empowered by Humdum to serve others selflessly. The improvement in their confidence and engagement has been nothing short of phenomenal. Well done ladies – you are all sensational.”

Humdum Chair Kishwar Bhola added, “We serve ready meals and hand out fresh food parcels to the homeless and to those who are less fortunate or are struggling to make ends meet. It really is a privilege for us to be able to serve our neighbours.”

Vice Chair Nighat Bhola concluded, “My mum is the most inspirational person in my life. Her energy is electric, and she has pushed me and the team to greater things each day. We live to serve the people and we are fortunate to have such a great team and such wonderful support.”

At Humdum Foodbank people are invited to eat a homemade hot meal at the centre and take a fresh food parcel home with them. Volunteers are on hand to serve the community every Saturday at 1 pm in the Ripple centre, 121 Ripple Road, Barking. IG11 7FN.

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