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Foodbank coalition responds to community needs!

Emdad Rahman

THE MASJID AL FALAH and Fatima Foodbank have been working in a coalition, providing essentials to needy, elderly and vulnerable people within Redbridge.

The coalition serves the whole community, irrespective of race or religion.  It has received regular referrals from Social Services, Children Services and Redbridge Council.

Delivery begins!

Food is a fundamental human right: nonetheless in today’s society, several are deprived of such necessities and many people are struggling to meet basic living costs. Use of food banks in London (and across the UK) is therefore on the rise, and many are under great pressure.

The Masjid Al-Falah and Fatima Foodbank was hastily set up as outreach programme – to respond to the continuing crisis by providing food and also the other everyday essentials.  It  supports 120 families a month and delivers at a high frequency of between one to two weeks to each family, which knows it can rely on this service.

Fatima, who is the driving force of this food bank, is continuously striving to meet the demand of the families, said, “this is a very rewarding and noble cause which I am proud to be a part of. We work with immense compassion and I have great love for the work we do!”

Mr Iqbal Sheikh – a senior trustee at Masjid Al-Falah, who originally started this project with Fatima – said, “it is an absolute pleasure to be working alongside Fatima Foodbank and Foisol Uddin for this heart-warming project and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help those in need.”

“The food box has helped me very much, and I am now able to save money. My baby and I are able to enjoy home cooked meals. Thank you!”
Comment from a receipient of a food parcel

Foisol Uddin, who has been helping with the food bank on behalf of Masjid Al-Falah, added, “the response from the community has been overwhelming, which I am very appreciative for. The support from the community has been ongoing. We will provide food and basic personal and household hygiene items to the value of £20, however during Ramadan this year we will be including dates, meat and chicken – which will cost extra. Thank you so much for all that you have done, especially during the lockdown. You have made such a difference to so many families where we live in the Loxford area.”

The Coalition partners recently received food parcels and winter warmth packs from the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, as well as from Islamic Relief. They loaded up the delivery vehicles and were able to spread help and happiness among the community – thanks to these generous donations.

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