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Al Noor Mosque launches Gascoigne Estate Foodbank

Emdad Rahman

A TEAM OF volunteers on the renowned Gascoigne Estate in Barking has launched a new community foodbank to support local people.

The Al Noor Cultural & Educational Trust Foodbank is based on the estate, which sits in one of the UK’s most poverty stricken wards, with high levels of unemployment and single parent families.

Years of austerity measures and regeneration plans left on hold mean more misery for residents of the neighbourhood, and the launch at the Al Noor Mosque will come as a relief to a local community suffering with desperate levels of deprivation.

Speaking after the launch, Mbarak Said from Al Noor Cultural & Educational Trust Foodbank said, “We may live in an area where poverty levels are really high, but we are a close knit community and we will do whatever it takes to support each other. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a horrific impact on us all, but together we will get through this.”

The Foodbank has a live fundraising page and readers are asked to support it through donations and by sharing the link:

Foodpacks are delivered to local homes once a week. Telephone referrals can be placed by calling 07305 -43 259.

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