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How well do you know London?

How far does a tenner go these days? Get hold of London Quiz and you can find out.

Any of you responsible for setting pub or classroom quizzes should be able to make the book last nearly eight years – if you take one question a week for your quizzy projects.

Any of you wanting a good night’s entertainment with friends should be able to get at least four nights out of sharing the questions and marvelling – or laughing at – the answers.

Any of you with a young geek among your relatives can cross one present off your Christmas shopping list already.

And if you have the luxury of being able to please yourself – you must be a man; so buy this book for the nearest woman you know and go and do the washing up (you know you want to).

How can one book have so many uses? It’s a set if light hearted trivia questions about London’s history, monuments, architecture, famous residents, place names, notable events and… trivia. The answers are also always fascinating and often highlight the humorous side of our history.

•London Quiz, by Travis Elborough and Nick Rennison, is published in paperback by Frances Lincoln at £9.99 and is available from 5th June.

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