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L to R: Dias, Smith and Samuels

Hackney drugs ring: three get jail sentences

THREE PEOPLE appeared at Wood Green Crown Court last week and were sentenced for their part in a drugs ring which distributed illegal drugs around the N16 part of Hackney.

The three were all from addresses in Hackney and were sentenced as follows:
Luchiano Dias, 25, jailed for four years;
Edward Smith, 52, jailed for three and a half years;
Carlvina Samuels, 33, given a jail sentence of 18 months, suspended for two years.

Paraphernalia found in the gang’s premises

The drugs racket was carried on over a six month period from March to October 2019. Each member of the drugs gang had their own role in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine: Dias was the controller, with Smith and Samuels going out on the streets to supply the drug.

The gang was discovered following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Team North East. When the team were ready, they obtained warrants and raided premises used by the gang. They found various items of drug paraphernalia and several phones which were later linked to the supply line. They also found large amounts of cash and Class A drugs.

Mobile phones found in the gang’s premises

During the evening hearing, the Court was told that the drugs gang would have made between £388,000 and £646,000 from selling drugs over that six month period.

Detective Constable Justin Dijkstra, the officer in the case, said, “As the investigation progressed Dias was identified as the main controller of the drugs line. […] These operations are complex but are worth the time spent on them to disrupt criminals whose actions cause misery to so many. Our enquiries have removed a drugs line and reminded others who are guilty of peddling drugs that we are anything but complacent about stopping their criminal activity.”

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