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Warrick Carson: the fourth young man sentenced for his part in the murder

Fourth man jailed for Juma killing in Barking

A FOURTH MAN has been sentenced for the murder of Abdulrahman Nassor Juma (known as Mani), who was chased and stabbed to death in the street near his home in Barking in May 2018.

Murder victim “Mani” Juma

The fourth man is Warrick Carson, 25, of Bushway, Dagenham. He was found guilty of murder last November and was sentenced at the Old Bailey last month. Carson was given a life sentence, with a minimum term of 26 years.

All stabbings are violent – but this was a particularly ugly attack.  Mani knew his killers, and they chased him down the street before stabbing him 18 times with Rambo-style knives. It is hard to understand how any human being could do that to another human being – but three other young men did the same as Carson and were sentenced some months ago. They are:
Iki Mohammed Ali, 26, of Maud Gardens, Barking (life sentence with a minimum term of 23 years);
Syed Fahad, 25, of Salisbury Avenue, Barking (life sentence with a minimum term of 23 years);
Jonathan Mulangala, 25, of Stonebridge Road, Tottenham (life sentence with a minimum term of 32 years for his part in this murder as well as a concurrent 18 years for attempted murder of someone else).

Spending years in jail: that is what these four young men have to show for their lives. Was this really worth the price they have to pay? They have killed a man of their own age, left his family grieving, and taken up police time to investigate the murder and bring them to justice.

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