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Docklands youngsters raise food poverty awareness

Muhammad Talha

Thirty four walkers young and old took to the streets to highlight the plight of people affected by food poverty.

Volunteers at the Docklands Community Initiative foodbank completed a 7 kilometre loop of the Isle of Dogs, a community walk for a good cause which involved young people, their parents and carers.

The idea and inspiration for the walk was 13 year old Maci Johnstone who kickstarted the innovative campaign to raise awareness of the free food services offered by the team and to highlight the levels of hardship faced by people in poverty stricken areas.

The walk began at the food hub headquarters, Phoenix Court with Bookbike London – DCI has a dedicated library with weekly books shared with locals. Participants were given a book as a gift in appreciation of their efforts.

As part of civic and community engagement the young walkers took a break to clean up a section of the River Thames and collected nine bags of discarded rubbish on the waterfront.

A refreshment break and egg and spoon race at Sir John McDougall Gardens was followed by a pit stop at Eastferry Asda where the team met manager Sadiq Miah and launched the community food trolley for shoppers to donate food items for local people facing hardship.

In total the volunteers have raised over £2000 and donations are still coming in. The revenue boost will be used 100% for the foodbank, to purchase amongst other things fresh produce, fruit, veg and dairy products for regular visitors.

Sunu Miah, DCI head of operations commented, “Food poverty in our community is rife and with rising costs placing so much stress on households we find more and more are turning to smal support organisations like ourselves for help.

“I would like to extend my respects and thanks to the amazing young people, our team at the DCI and all our well wishers. You helped make all this possible.”

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