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Historic Fish Island: will it be retained for Londoners to enjoy or vandalised by Sadiq Khan?

Fish Island bridges: Biggs anti, Sadiq unmoved

CAMPAIGNERS TRYING to stop London Mayor Sadiq Khan vandalising Fish Island by permitting a new road bridge to be built and a wharf to be demolished are having a publicity day on Tuesday, 16th January.

Activists from the Save the Wick campaign are heading for London broadcasters, with appearances rumoured to be taking place on London Live and Vanessa Feltz at 11am. That’s outside Ms Feltz’s normal broadcasting hour – so just listen out for Save the Wick whenever you can.

Activists have been heartened to receive support from local Labour politicians. Bow Councillors Amina Ali and Rachel Blake have tweeted their support and asked their followers to sign the petition. Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs has written to Jules Pipe, Deputy London Mayor for Planning, Regeneration & Skills, asking that the building of a road bridge be reconsidered.

Cllr Ali will be hoping to be returned as a Bow councillor at this May’s elections – and John Biggs, in his attempt to be elected mayor a second time, will be relying on votes from Bow too. Supporting this popular local cause will do neither of them any harm with the electorate.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is not up for election this May – and so far he appears to be unmoved by local protests. Campaigners are delighted with the support their petition on Change.org has received to date. They are appealing to anyone who has not yet signed to do so now – and to circulate the petition around all their networks.

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