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Looking forward to the new water supply

Fighting the drought in Somaliland

ISLAMIC RELIEF is working to bring water to the population of Qoyta, a town in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. Climate change and global warming have led to the town suffering prolonged drought.

Some 28,000 households are facing food insecurity – leading to reduction in the quantity and quality of their diet for poorer people. There is growing malnutrition, with both people and animals losing their lives as a result.

Of particular concern is the lack of water. Many sources have dried up and the water that remains is often unsuitable for human consumption – and may spread waterborne diseases.

The Islamic Relief “Water saves lives” project has seen the charity prioritise help for Qoyta. The aim is to drill a borehole and pump up enough safe, clean water from deep underground to help the town.

It is estimated that a borehole could provide water for over 70 years, so it would be very much a long term solution. The project should produce 15 litres of water per day to sustain the needs of 3,000 people over the lifetime of the borehole.

To support the work of Islamic Relief, go to this site and use the red “donate” button:

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