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The happy runners!

Fasting 5k returns for Syrian Orphans

Emdad Rahman

THE FASTING 5K, also known as the Thawb Trek, returned to Mile End Park for another year, as fasting runners observing the month of Ramadan laced up their trainers to do a Ramadan run for charity.

All the runners, who had already been fasting 18 hours, took to the tarmac to complete the charity run before sunset. As with previous years, there were no water stations or energy bars during the run.

The event was sponsored by British humanitarian charity Human Aid UK, and funds raised will be used to alleviate the suffering of Syrian orphans who have seen their lives devastated beyond measure.

The unrest in Syria has forced many children to flee their homes and turn to places like Lebanon to find a secure place to lead their lives – even if that “safe place to live” is just a small space under the sky, between rubble and rocks.

Many orphan children are forced to work on the streets to survive, with others left to roam around the streets by themselves to find shelter, food and water in a appalling and traumatising situation.

Human Aid UK has turned a disused building into the Dar Us Salam Orphanage which provides shelter for Syrian orphans and widows with food, shelter, healthcare, safety and psycho-social support.

Aminur Rahman from Human Aid UK said, “Children who have fled Syria to Lebanon have witnessed and experienced things no child should. But despite the suffering, children have an amazing ability to recover and heal. They want to learn and they want a better future. Your donations will ensure that an orphan has a roof over their head and gets the chance to live.”

Fasting 5k organiser Abu Bakkar added, “It is testament to our spirit that we have all put away a little relative comfort to run tonight. Our throats were dry for a while but then our thirsts were quenched. We were hungry and then our bellies were full. Sadly, many of the Syrians will struggle to break their fast with a single date. We are a very charitable community and hopefully events like this will also help to break down many unfair misconceptions.”

All runners received certificates during a presentation ceremony before they broke their fast together at sunset. The run was supported by: Blakehaus, Yes LettsSell, Miss Abaya, Halalibox and Sheweets.

Human Aid UK is an international humanitarian charity which strives to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed. Their mission is to bring hope to life by connecting hearts to the oppressed, and by providing dignity, empowerment and independence.

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