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Breaking news: guilty pair sentenced to life

Would be 7/7 anniversary bombers Mohammed Rehman and Sana Ahmed Khan have both been sentenced to life imprisonment for planning terrorist acts in the UK. The two had planned to plant a bomb to mark the tenth anniversary of the “7/7” terrorist attack, but had not decided upon a precise target. The Judge ordered that Rehman, aged 27, should serve a minimum of 27 years and that Khan, 25, should serve a minimum of 25 years.

The Judge took into account Rehman’s detailed preparations for the terror act, including rehearsal explosions of home made devices and also his behaviour on social media, where he glorified terror.

Khan submitted a plea for mercy, claiming that she was under the influence of drugs when she assisted her husband, and that he subjected her to an abusive relationship which meant that she could not think clearly. She distanced herself from Rehman, saying she should have done so a long time ago, and stating that she had now granted him an Islamic divorce. The Judge pointed out that she had bought the raw materials for explosive devices and given them to her husband to manufacture the test bombs and he concluded that she was fully aware of what she was doing.



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