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Mayot Lutfur Rahman (centre) cuts the ribbon, August 2014.

Biggs delighted at prize for Lutfur’s Park

Welcoming an award won by a park opened by Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Labour’s John Biggs said: “We are delighted that the Landscape Institute has awarded Derbyshire Pocket Park first prize in the ‘Design for a Small Scale Development’ category.”

Not only did “Two Jobs” John not mention Mayor Rahman, but he went on with a statement that sounded like he had been responsible for the project: “The area has been transformed thanks to the GLA and our match funding, and we continue to look for further opportunities to improve the borough in this way.”

Two Jobs’ John’s words came as Derbyshire Pocket Park in Bethnal Green was commended by the Landscape Institute at their annual awards ceremony and awarded the top prize in the “Design for a Small Scale Development” category.

Further information about the Park released by the Council to mark the award points out that the project used Greater London Authority (GLA) funding which was matched by the council – and that the design was done jointly by the architects, Greysmith Associate, and the council.

Cllr Ayas Miah, Cabinet Member for Environment, who did not speak during John Biggs’s last Cabinet meeting, also praised Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s vision, adding: “This Pocket Park is an innovative project that improves the local environment for the local community and wildlife. By using areas in the borough that have been neglected, we are able to turn otherwise wasted space into something quite beautiful.”

You can read East London’s news report of the Park being opened here:


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