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Barking FC supports local homeless drive

Muhammad Talha

BARKING FOOTBALL CLUB is now working in partnership with the Barking & Dagenham Volunteering Bureau and LIDL to help tackle homelessness in the borough.

The Bostik League outfit was established in 1880 and plays at Mayesbrook Park (formerly at the Vicarage Field).

The new partnership was officially announced after a meeting between Barking FC Chair Rob O’Brian and Homeless Soup Kitchen Co-ordinator Emdad Rahman. The Club, through Rob, is supplying transport to collect surplus foods from various local LIDL stores to assist local homeless projects.

The Barking FC Chair commented, “The way I see it, everyone needs a little help once in a while. If we can all pull together as one, our community will be better for it. The club is educating the community and inspiring youngsters to be good citizens and this is a practical way of delivering on our values.

“We are an inclusive club and even during these summer holidays we have run a unique free soccer programme for boys and girls who don’t necessarily fit into their social circles because of their size, or their orientation. We have coached them and watched them grow. Their confidence has grown and they are now playing in a mini World Cup tournament.”

Soup Kitchen Lead Emdad Rahman commented, “The power of football has bought together a lot of people from all walks of life. We are proud to work with this historic local club, do something right for the community and be a force for good. Barking FC is ingrained in the fabric of this community and the club’s ‘better community’ ethos matches ours. This partnership is the start of working towards making a better community for all. Huge thanks to Jon Gildersleeve from the BDVB for making this connection.”

Barking kick off their Bostik League campaign this season away to Canvey Island on Saturday. For more information about Barking FC, go to:

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