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Open day ahead for East London Mosque

THERE’LL BE tea and a tour at the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre on 18th February, with the general public being invited in for a variety of activities.

The Open Afternoon will be staged as part of the Muslim Council of Britain’s Visit My Mosque initiative. This will see mosques and Muslim Centres across the UK open their doors to non-Muslims in their local communities who would like to learn more about Islam or about their local mosque.

The East London Mosque will have a contemporary exhibition explaining the basic religious beliefs of Muslims as well as a selection of exhibits from the archives. Visitors will be able to see a short film on the Mosque’s history and take walking tours around the building.

An Imam will answer questions from the public, who will be able to watch congregational prayers at 12.45pm or 3.45pm. There will be special activities for children – and tea and cake for all.

All members of the community who have a genuine interest in seeing the Mosque from the inside and learning more about Islam are welcome to come along, but please observe the following conventions in this place of worship.
Please wear modest dress – no shorts (men or women) or short skirts or dresses; no see through, tight or low cut clothing.
If you visit carpeted prayer areas you will need to take off your shoes.
Women should cover their heads with a scarf or shawl (scarves will be available to borrow on the day).
Visitors are welcome to take photos of the architecture inside the Mosque, but please do not take photographs of worshippers (unless they give express permission).
Visitors may appear in photographs of the event which will be used by the Mosque for publicity purposes.

•For more information:
email [email protected]
phone 020-7650 3047

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