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The emergency services in Finsbury Park

Muslims run over as they return from prayer

REPORTS ARE coming in that a small crowd of Muslim men in Finsbury Park have been run over by a van as they returned from Taraweh (prayers).

Eyewitnesses suggest that seven brothers have been injured, three seriously – with other reports suggesting that as many as twelve people have been injured and there may also have been some fatalities. Eyewitnesses also report that the van appeared to target the brothers and run them over deliberately – in what must have seemed to all of them to be a chilling revenge attack for the London Bridge incident.

Further reports from those present suggest that passers by joined with those Muslims who had not been injured to detain the driver and to flag down a passing police car to give immediate assistance. Armed police did respond to calls to the emergency services and performed a through inspection of the vehicle. Police have confirmed that one person has been arrested.

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