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Nathan Forsythe - now in prison

Man jailed after serial offences in Barking

A SERIES OF petty offences has landed Nathan Forsythe, 35, in jail. He began his latest spree by gaining a reputation as an “aggressive beggar” in Barking and Ilford town centres – and ended by assaulting a police officer.

On 8th June, police caught Forsythe riding a stolen bicycle – but he managed to run away. His next arrest, a few weeks later, was in connection with thefts from mailboxes. He was charged with these offences – but then failed to appear in court to answer the charges.

On 17th July, Forsythe was arrested for failing to appear in Court. He resisted that arrest – kicking a police officer in the process.

The following day, Forsythe was convicted of two offences from his back catalogue at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court – for which he received a three month prison sentence – which was suspended.

Police then sought a Criminal Behaviour Order to stop Forsythe entering Barking Town Centre and resuming his beginning career and to stop him having alcohol in an open container in a public place. However, just ten days after his previous arrest, Forsythe was spotted in Ilford Lane, having broken into a car. Two days later, he ws seen begging on Ripple Road. Officers attempted to arrest him – and again he resisted arrest, kicking a police officer.

The sorry saga ended on 31st July, when Forsythe made a return visit to Barkingside Magistrates’ Court. On this occasion he was found guilt of theft from a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order. He was sentenced to a total of four months and two weeks in prison.

Police Sergeant Gareth Schoorl, of the Abbey Safer Neighbourhoods team, said, “Forsythe is a prolific thief and a dangerous individual. I really hope this prison sentence can help him rehabilitate but, if not, his Criminal Behaviour Order is valid for three years and we will enforce any breaches.”

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