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Jealous man murdered Hackney friend

HUSEYIN AKKOYUN (47, above) has been found guilty of murdering Mehmet Degerli (49) in Hackney. The two men had been friends – but Akkoyun discovered that Degerli had met up with Akkoyun’s ex-wife and turned violent.

DEĞERLİDegerli (right) had met Akkoyun’s ex-wife in Hackney at approximately 10.30pm on 7th June last year. Some two hours later, the ex-wife drove Degerli back to his car in Sandringham Road. She saw Akkoyun hanging around the car and drove on, suspecting that Akkoyun had seen her with Degerli. She dropped Degerli off nearby and then drove back to Sandringham Road before telling Degerli it was safe for him to return to his car.

It wasn’t. As Degerli returned, Akkoyun appeared and assaulted him. A member of the public later saw Degerli on the ground in the car park – and called the emergency services. Degerli had severe facial injuries and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

The following day, police saw Akkoyun’s car in Hackney. They stopped the vehicle and found the suspect in the vehicle. His hands were bruised and swollen and police arrested him, eventually charging him with manslaughter on 10th June.

The trial took place at Southwark Crown Court. Akkoyun’s nephew, Mustafa Alparslan, 21, was found not guilty during the same trial.

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