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Handing out aid in the Rohingya camps

Islamic Relief gets a new PULSE

AS THE CRISIS in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh escalates, Islamic Relief has announced that it is scaling up the level of humanitarian aid it is delivering in the area. The charity hopes to support 300,000 people who are trying to survive in camps near Cox’s Bazar.

Islamic Relief will be working with PULSE Bangladesh to deliver food packs, shelter and hygiene supplies to 50,000 desperate families over the next few weeks. Alongside that work, the charity will continue to channel supplies to a number of international aid organisations so that emergency aid can be supplied on the ground.

Islamic Relief’s Head of Asia, Masud Siddique, said, “We could not have responded to this crisis on such a scale without the generous support of so many donors around the world. We are delighted that with PULSE we are working with a local partner that is experienced in working in Cox’s Bazar and aware of the acute needs of the displaced population. This partnership will help us widen our reach in this severe humanitarian crisis.

“In the coming months, we will identify a variety of locations where we can work with PULSE Bangladesh to serve those who need our support the most, while also building the capacity of PULSE to deliver aid well into the future during emergencies such as this.”

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