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Hajj bike ride raises money for Syria

EIGHT BRITONS will be cycling on a Pilgrimage Ride to Saudi Arabia – a journey of over 3,500 miles taking the riders across three continents.

The riders will end their journey at Hajj. on the way, they will be raising awareness of the medical crisis in Syria and will be raising money to fund the Human Aid charity’s work there.

Official Hajj Ride spokesperson Donald Stewart Whyte said, “This is yet another display of harmonious integration where Islam meets the stubborn British cycling community and bears fruit of reviving an age old tradition, almost a rite of passage and a pilgrimage to remember in such a technological time.”

Human Aid UK Director Jilu Miah said, “The cycle ride challenge aims to raise over £1 million for Human Aid UK projects in Syria. The road ahead will be tough and requires great sacrifices.”

Follow the progress of the ride on:
For more information on Human Aid, go to:

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