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Controversy as Nasar Ahmed fights for life

BREAKING NEWS: This evening, the sad news was released that Nasar Ahmed lost his fight for life and passed away at 5.30pm in the Royal London Hospital. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

ORIGINAL STORY: A 14 year old pupil at Bow School, E3, is fighting for his life after falling ill at school – and the story of how he became ill is in dispute.

Nasar Ahmed has special needs, among which is a complex set of medical conditions including asthma and eczema, of which the school is fully aware. His family have described him as a gentle, smart and decent child. On Thursday, 10th November, Nasar became unwell at school, which called the emergency services. Paramedics attended and gave Nasar emergency treatment at the scene, before taking him to hospital – where he was admitted into intensive care. He us on a life support machine (pictured) and the family has been told he has a less than 1% chance of pulling through.

We extend our sympathies to Nasar, his parents and family, and his friends, for what he has been through. Already the community is concerned at the differences between the school’s account of events leading up to Nasar being taken to hospital and the family’s version of events. The school has issued a statement, the full text of which is below, that Nasar “said he felt unwell”. The family has given a fuller account of the events leading up to Nasar feeling unwell.

The family believe that Nasar was physically near two boys who were fighting, and in the confusion Nasar accidentally tipped over a bin. The family understand that the Assistant Deputy Headteacher believed that Nasar tipped the bin over on purpose and put him in detention. They understand that Nasar became very upset at the prospect of detention and promised not to repeat the offence, pleading not to have to have detention. The school called Nasar’s father at 11.40am to report that Nasar was in detention for the day, confined to a room in the basement of the school. The family later received an email from the school advising them that Nasar would be in detention for an additional 45 minutes after school.

It was in this detention room that Nasar was taken unwell. His family believe he became disorientated and began to panic, which brought on the asthma attack. At 2.40pm, Mr Zaman, Nasar’s father, received a telephone call from a school receptionist who said that Nasar had been taken very ill. Mr Zaman left work and went straight to the school, where he found his son collapsed unconscious on the floor, surrounded by paramedics. The paramedics told Mr Zaman his son’s heart and breathing had stopped, and they had almost given up hope before making one final attempt to revive him, which managed to re-establish his breathing, though not in a stable way. The family is very grateful to the paramedics and we also thank them for their professionalism.

The family has asked every one in the community to pray to Allah SWT for Nasar’s recovery and to make dua for Nasar who is near to death. Although they are concentrating on spending time with Nasar now, they have made it clear that they expect the school to suspend the teacher involved in issuing the detention and to launch an immediate inquiry – involving the Local Authority and the police.

#Pray4NASAR #Justice4Nasar

The following statement is available on the Bow School website.

Important message from Head
Sudden illness of a student at Bow School, Thursday 10th November 2016
Firstly, the whole school community sends its thoughts and prayers to the student and his family at this very difficult and distressing time.
Further to a considerable amount of misinformation relating to this incident, I hope that the following brief statement will provide factual information about the event.
On Thursday 10th November 2016, in the afternoon, a student who was being supervised along with 3 others, said that he felt unwell.  He showed signs of breathing difficulties that rapidly got worse.  Additional adult help was immediately sought and two trained first aiders, who had full knowledge of the student’s medical needs, were rapidly with the student.  Simultaneously, an emergency call was made and the staff in attendance received expert advice over the phone, whilst waiting for the paramedics. Shortly afterwards, a rapid response paramedic was on site and was swiftly joined by a number of his colleagues who took control of providing emergency care, with support from staff at the school.
The school made immediate contact with the family and the student’s parents came as quickly as they could, they were supported by a school translator and were briefed about their child’s condition by the paramedics throughout.
The student was transferred to the Royal London Hospital by ambulance, accompanied by his family, and he remains in hospital and is still seriously unwell.
We continue to keep in contact with the family and our thoughts are with the student and his family at this time.
Cath Smith
Executive Headteacher
Bow School

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