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Phollow the Movement?

WE ARE ALL used to the diversity in East London. There’s people from at least four corners of the world – and they’ve all brought their cuisine with them. Walking through the busy streets of our home borough, we have ...

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The rise of the modern day baker

WE’RE IN THE MIDST midst of a baking resurgence with homemade marvels whetting our appetites everywhere we turn. From bragging rights on social media to the mass of cooking shows battling it out on the box, it would appear that dusting ...

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Brexit threatens UK food stability

BREXIT WAS always going to be a gamble – and now problems are emerging. One area of concern is the UK food industry. Always reliant on migrant labour, it now faces a major labour shortage which could see widespread bankruptcies ...

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Toxic eggs: crisis deepens

AFTER A FEW days of trying to reassure the public that there is no risk to health, the authorities are having to wake up to the fact that the toxic egg crisis is out of control – with many questions ...

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FSA admits: UK did get toxic eggs

THE UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has admitted that toxic eggs did reach the UK earlier this year. They claim that the risk to the public is very low. Fears about infected eggs occurred recently when supplies of eggs coming ...

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AFRA winners take centre stage

AUGUST BEGAN with a colourful splash as top practitioners from across the food scene stepped forward to collect their first ever Asian Food and Restaurant (AFRA) awards during a glittering gala night at London’s Montcalm Hotel. South Asians made a ...

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