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Winter Appeal for Limehouse Masjid

Maruf Ahmed

Support Limehouse Masjid’s Winter Appeal and help with the day to day operations.

The Limehouse Masjid was set up over 20 years ago under the local railway arches as one of the first local Mosques in this part of Tower Hamlets.

The Masjid not only provides services for the local community but is also popular with professionals from Canary Wharf.

Limehouse Masjid is seeking much needed funds to help pay for its regular services and masjid utilities.

These are some of the current and planned services for the coming year:

– Various classes throughout the week
- Saturday Fajr walk and Breakfast Club
- Women’s classes and activities
- Youth club with fun activities for 11-19 year olds 
- Residential for the youth
- Tea club for the elderly
- Extra curriculum activities for students

The money raised will help the Masjid expand its current activities to pay for utilities and to facilitate more people including and neighbours from other faith groups, to host and hold exhibitions to build bridges and strengthen relationships.

Servicess also include:

1. Daily prayers
2. Evening and weekend Maktab
3. Community Outreach
4. Holiday camps

The money raised will be used for the general maintenance of the Masjid but also new community programmes for local youths and women.

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