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The council's park rangers proudly display the Britain in Bloom finalist banner.

Tower Hamlets is blooming – finally!

Tower Hamlets has been chosen as a finalist in the Britain in Bloom competition – one of only two London Councils to be nominated!

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Stunning floral displays at Victoria Park

The Britain in Bloom competition is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society. It’s a national competition which aims not only to reward success but also to encourage all kinds of local authorities to improve their local environments. Most of the improvement is visual: using plants, particularly flowers, to make local surroundings more appealing. Other benefits flow from that. The planting makes the area greener, helping to give oxygen back to the air, and some plants even absorb pollution. Just like cleaning one thing in your house makes you realise what else needs cleaning, so planting up an area encourages the authorities to clean litter more efficiently – and even discourages people from dropping it in the first place. Some authorities also use planted areas as a base from which to encourage community activities.

Judges will visit the borough in August and will assess everything from local recycling initiatives to areas of natural habitat and conservation. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony later this year.


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