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John McDonnell MP addresses the protestors outside Parliament - with Tower Hamlets Labour well in evidence around him.

Tower Hamlets activists join protests at Parliament

AS BORIS JOHNSON tried to get away with cynical manoeuvres inside Parliament, activists from Tower Hamlets joined thousands of protestors outside Parliament – at a demonstration called just hours earlier.

John McDonnell MP addressed protestors, with Diane Abbott MP lining up to speak next, framed in a small sea of Tower Hamlets faces – with the Tower Hamlets Labour Party banner looking down on them (above).

Meanwhile, Tower Hamlets Momentum had also brought their banner out to SW1A again – this time joining up with students from Queen Mary’s Labour Club (below).

Further protests are planned for the weekend – in London and elsewhere around the UK. A parliamentary petition has been signed by over one million people. While the protests go on outside Parliament, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to lead a fight inside Parliament to stop Boris Johnson taking Britain out of the EU without a structured “deal”.

To sign the petition, go to:

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