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The Greater Sylhet Cup is back!

Emdad Rahman

SONALI OTHITH UK are pleased to announce that the Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup will be returning to London this year. 

The community football extravaganza will once again take place at Mabley Green, Hackney, and will host 16 teams representing areas in the Bangladeshi District of Sylhet.

Over the last three decades Sonali Othith have been  active in providing footballers with games and tournaments at grassroots level. The organisation was formed after a need arose to continue to provide regular football for veteran footballers in order to help keep them engaged with the game.

Sixteen teams will be taking part this year:
Balagonj – Barkekha – Beanibazar – Bishwanath – Chhattak – Dakshin Surma – Derai – Jagannathpur – Moulvibazar Sadar – Nabigonj- Osmani Nagor – Rajnagor – Sylhet Sadar.

Sonali Othith Chair Jamal Uddin commented, “Once again we are faced with the mouth-watering prospect of a day of great football and celebration. We invite the whole community to come and join us on what will be another special day.”

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