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The beginning of the end?

The end of May

Jo Bialan

Nasty Old Theresa May
Took the childrens’ food away,
And when the parents did revolt
‘Twas quickly someone else’s fault.

She then attacked the frail and old,
Removing warmth to leave them cold.
And need you care in twilight days,
She plans to asset-strip away

To terrorists she sells the arms
That come back to do our nation harm.
She bombs civilians, she starts the fight,
But it’s everyone else who’s wrong – she’s right.

The NHS has fuelled her need
To privatise for private greed.
A fairer system, she does say –
If you’ve got the funds to pay.

The GPs see their outgoings rocket
As private firms line their pockets.
Practices closed, doctors let go,
The waiting lists begin to grow.

NHS staff have been ground down,
Hospitals closing in the town.
Demoralised and underpaid,
The workforce numbers slowly fade.

Mental health care sadly lacking,
Programmes cut & little backing.
No help for those who need support.
No CBT / NLP taught.

Policemen cannot free the time
To let them fight the root of crime.
With fewer bobbies in the force,
The crime rate will soar, of course.

Paramedics / ambulance crew
Can’t do the job they need to do
Because A&E’s so strapped for cash
The systems overload and crash.

Firefighters do their best,
But they have cuts just like the rest.
A third of services are gone,
The pressure on what’s left is wrong.

DWP they do preside
Her holocaustic genocide
Length & breadth of these fair lands,
The taint of blood is on her hands.

The homeless shiver on the street,
No shelter here, no food to eat.
The hostels close, their funding cut,
Spikes on floors & doors are shut.

The unemployed have all been blamed
For austerity, made to feel ashamed.
Jump through hoops for a mere pittance,
Not enough for even mere subsistance.

And then you have the working poor
Fighting to keep the wolves from the door.
They’re slammed for claiming ‘in work aid’,
While the boss hides all his cash away

The mum of three does not escape:
Must prove third child was brought by rape.
Plunging families deeper into desperation,
We’ve become the “payday loan” nation.

Teaching is no longer best,
Just “rote” the child to pass the test.
They don’t want educated masses,
Proles are more subdued when treated like asses.

“Do as you’re told, don’t think or query,”
The billionaire-owned media scream that quite clearly.
“Our lies are your truth, so learn to behave.”
They’ll beat you with lies from your cradle to grave.

And then there’s escalating rent,
Food bank use up 7000%,
Fuel poverty & malnutrition,
Destroying children’s education.

Our nation’s industry bought by foreign lands,
The profit goes offshore, never into our hands.
The biggest backhander ensures the best deal.
If the Tories don’t own it, they’ll simply steal.

But in this dark land there is one small light:
A small group of people who are doing all right.
Sadly those people are corrupt, selfish and bent.
You know who they are – they’re the top 5 per cent!

They trade on your misery day after day,
They shout over your voices, denying your say.
A stick or a carrot? But a stick’s all you’ll see.
We’re not human, we’re mules with expediency.

And don’t forget the other parasites
Who like to hide away from plain sight.
Tax avoiders, moving money offshore,
So the country can die while they make even more.

There’s so much more that I could say,
But I’ll leave that for another day.
I’m sorry if this made you sad,
But this is reality, it’s really that bad.

And now a GE, just a week away,
I pray to the Gods for a pivotal day
When “greed is good” becomes “good for all”,
The hopes of this nation will rise or fall.

Consumerism toxic, capitalism failed,
Distopia now, utopia derailed,
Party leaders have detailed their plans –
Except she who currently has power in her hands.

She’s a dictator who is head of state,
But cannot talk, or even debate.
She’s hiding away, no one can catch her –
The nasty, vile, sneering Poundland Thatcher!

Written by Jo Bialan, at stupid o’clock, 1st June 2017 – the official END OF MAY!

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