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Succulent steak the rage at Le Madison

Emdad Rahman

During an evening wander with Sam we decided to pay a visit to this rather posh looking eaterie based in Whitechapel and were not disappointed with what the evening ahead delivered.

It was faitrly quiet and as I always say we had the good fortune of two of the Managing Directors present which to me is always a winner in terms of added excellence in service delivery.

The restaurant is spacious in itself and can host 300 guests at full capacity. The surroundings are pleasant and the fixtures are tasteful with dimmed lights and pleasant decor.

Staff are trained well and interaction is light, to the point and rather amiable.

The team promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience which offers something different to local and foreign patrons in order to ensure that visitors savour a memorable food experience every time.

I am pleased to report that the food is just as good as the ornate details, with the starters, steaks and drinks ticking all the right boxes.

I didn’t fancy lobster so settled for a juicy burger alongside succulent steak and mouth-watering hand cut chips.

Sam had a custom made mish mash of different sized cuts of meat. It was ordered to his taste and I couldn’t resist a little taste – Very spicy and fiery hot.

Our king prawn starters were seasoned with herbs, spices, and served fresh with marinated baby potatoes, French beans, cherry tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce.

The T bone steak was served just right with rich marbling and a fine silky texture which added extra tenderness and a distinct robust flavour.

There’s a whole range of non alcoholic cocktails but the Blueberry Moscow Mule went down a treat with us.

Le Madison is a real American style restaurant. The service is good and the staff are focussed.

There is an onus on not only attracting international visitors but also locals too and as an added incentive the owners also make the venue available for charity fundraisers at very low prices.

That is a winner in my eyes any day.


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